Data Temp Pi - DTPi Software for ThermoView Pi20 Imager
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DataTemp Pi20 Software

•  Easy-to-use, fully featured thermal imaging software
Supports up to 16 Pi20 cameras
64 Areas of Interest (AOI’s) per camera
Build in system alarms
192 Alarms can be mapped to AOI’s on each camera
Automatic clip file or AOI trend data collection
On-line and off-line image processing capabilities
Raytek Pi20 DataTemp Software
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Thermal Imaging Software for Process Control Applications

DataTemp® Pi (DTPi) is a companion software for the ThermoView™ Pi20 thermal imager. This fully featured software with powerful image processing functions is designed for use in process control applications, but can be used in Lab and R&D applications as well. DTPi can support up to 16 Pi20 cameras simultaneously, with up to 192 process alarms assigned on each camera. Additionally, multiple alarms can be set up to provide you with feedback on your process, as well as overall system health to be sure the camera and software are operating properly.

  • Process Alarms - The user can set up 64 Areas Of Interest (AOI’s) for each camera. Each AOI can have multiple alarm settings. When an out of process condition occurs, DTPi software provides relay and digital outputs for you to take action on.
  • System alarms – The software has built in watchdog functions to tell you if camera communications have been cut or if there is a problem with the computer running the DTPi software.

Project Files – Many applications require that multiple products are manufactured in the plant. Each product has a unique temperature process that will need to be inspected by the Pi20 camera. With DTPi, you can save a project file for each product manufactured. When the time comes to run the same part again, you simply call up the project file and the DTPi software is ready to monitor and control your process.

Trending and Clip Files – If your application requires data trending and post processing data manipulation, DTPi has built in functions to play back and review captured images, display alarm summaries, and adjust AOI and alarm attributes. Clip files, or a stream of images which are saved, can be easily converted to AVI files within DTPi for playback in standard movie players.

Event Capture (30 fps) – Your process can be monitored, clip file data can be archived, and alarms can be monitored at a rate of 30Hz, so you do not miss an event in your process.

Online and Offline Mode Operation – DTPi can be configured to monitor your process in a “live” imaging mode. When running live, you can configure the system to provide notifications if an “out of process” condition occurs. You can also save images and play them back in an off-line mode to reconstruct your process after the data has been collected.

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