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Marathon Series

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Marathon infrared temperature sensors are designed for harsh environments such as in metal and glass processing industries measuring temperature range from -40 to 3000ºC (-40 to 5432ºF). These thermometers contain advanced electro-optics, smart digital electronics, and a built-in user interface, all in a rugged, compact housing. 
Marathon MM
The Marathon MM series is designed to bring greater flexibility and adds high-performance features to a broad range of process monitoring applications in temperature range of minus 40 to 3000°C (-40 to 5432ºF).
Marathon MR Infrared Sensor
High performance two-color sensor with two-way digital communications, dirty window alarm, and fast response time. Specially designed for targets obstructed by smoke, steam, particulates in harsh, high temperature applications from 600 to 3000ºC (1112 to 5430ºF).
Marathon FA Infrared Sensors
Marathon FA Fiber Optic infrared sensors are designed to measure temperature ranges from 250 to 3000ºC (482 to 5430ºF) in highly confined installations in harsh industrial environments, otherwise inaccessible by non-fiber optic thermometers.
Marathon FR Fiber Optic Thermometer
Marathon FR fiber optic ratio thermometer accurately measures targets that are: in confined installations, obstructed by smoke, steam, particulates, or smaller than the instrument field of view or located within strong electromagnetic fields.
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