OPC Technology Now Available for Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement
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OPC Technology Now Available for Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

Raytek now offers OPC-compatible linescanner systems for continuous temperature monitoring in industrial production processes
June 27, 2005

Raytek, a Fluke Company, now offers its MP50 Infrared Linescanner Series with an OPC (OLE for Process Control) interface to satisfy the growing need for enhanced system compatibility and increased process automation in a variety of industries

Raytek thermal imaging linescanners are now delivered with DTDP software, including the OPC interface, which enables fast and easy "plug-and-play" functionality and remote data exchange with a variety of standard visualisation and control systems, such as Intellution iFix, Siemens WinCC, Softing OPC Toolbox, National Instruments Server Explorer, OMRON IOServer, or Matrikon OPC Explorer, as well as standard office programs, such as MS Excel. All important measurement data collected by the MP50 Linescanner, for example individual temperature values, system parameters, detailed thermal images, and alarm status, is automatically transferred in real time via a remote connection to a desired system for consistent process observation, control and documentation.

The Raytek MP50 Linescanner enables continuous remote non-contact temperature monitoring within a temperature range of 20 to 1200°C, and with its DataTemp software, automatically displays detailed thermal images and temperature profiles of product surfaces passing under the linescanner's field of view for enhanced process control and quality inspection in applications such as cement/lime kiln, glass, metal, plastics, textile and paper production. The software automatically triggers an alarm when surface temperatures fall outside of the desired range and produces a report showing the exact time and location of occurrence.

Press Contact: Silke Kolterman (silke@raytek.com), Tel: 831 - 485-1175 ext 404.

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