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Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial solar equipment processes

Infrared Temperature Measurement in Solar Equipment Manufacturing
Ircon and Raytek infrared thermometers are designed for use in the solar industry, where monitoring and controlling temperature is critical to productivity and product quality. From silicon and wafer production to photo voltaic cell and module manufacturing, we have the products needed at every step of your online process monitoring – even in hazardous and potentially explosive environments, such as hydrogen reduction processes. For customized solutions and/or other applications, please contact our application engineers.

Polysilicon Production (Siemens Process)
Efficient temperature measurement is important in controlling the heating of silicon rods inside a Siemens process CVD reactor. Measurement of the byproduct Silicon tetrachloride (STC) process when it is recycled and converted into Trichlorosilane (TCS) for reuse is also necessary. High performance infrared thermometers with variable focus, high resolution optics are needed to properly target the polysilicon rods and not be affected by the process environment or from the build-up of contamination on process reactor windows. Special explosion proof enclosures are also needed during hydrogen reduction processes.
Recommended Products: Modline 5, Marathon MR, Marathon FR  and Raytek MI3

Single Crystal Silicon Production (Czochralski Process)
Proper temperature measurement of the silicon liquid used in the crystal pulling process for single crystal manufacturing helps insure wafer quality. High performance infrared thermometers with variable focus and high resolution optics provide the small measurement spot required to precisely measure the silicon liquid/solid freeze point and properly control the crystal pulling process. Silicon melt and crucible temperatures can also be monitored and controlled.
Recommended Products: Modline 5, Marathon MM, Marathon MR and Raytek MI3

Thin Film Deposition (PV Modules)
Measuring the temperature distribution of the film deposition and the substrate of the solar panel is critical in this process. A high resolution thermal image of the entire panel surface allows proper tuning of the ovens used in the deposition process (sputtering, printing). Non-uniform temperature profiles or incorrect process temperatures can lead to voids and poor PV module performance and failure.

Thermal imaging can also be used to identify cracked or broken solar cells, as well as defects in the electrical connections caused by poor solder joints. More about Solar Module Testing in our application brochure (PDF).

Recommended Products: ThermoView™ Pi20 Fixed Thermal Imager, GS150 System

What are the benefits of using Raytek IR sensors in your solar application?
  • Enhanced process control
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Minimized equipment downtime
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