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Industry Applications - Plastic Processing

Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial plastic manufacturing processes

Infrared Temperature Measurement in Plastic Processing
Raytek offers a wide variety of infrared thermometers that monitor and control temperature in plastics manufacturing processes. These industrial temperature sensors monitor fast moving processes quickly and efficiently. They measure the temperature of the product directly, instead of the oven or the dryer, allowing you to quickly adjust process parameters to ensure top product quality.

Raytek industrial infrared thermal imaging systems are easily integrated into existing process control systems and have the following benefits:

  • Non-destructive: the product is never touched or contaminated.
  • Fast and reliable: moving objects are measured accurately and quickly.
  • Flexible: temperature measurements can be made of a large area or a small spot.

Blown Film Extrusion - With the ES150 Process Imaging System maintain the plastic's tensile integrity and thickness with accurate temperature monitoring and the ability to adjust heating and cooling.

Cast Film Extrusion - Control temperatures for proper thickness and finish uniformity with the ES150 Process Imaging System, and detect potential die bolt heater problems or plugged dies.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Extrusion - Mount Raytek sensors at the cast roll unit for chill roll control and at the preheater and cooling units, for heating and cooling control.

Sheet Extrusion - Raytek ES150 Process Imaging System allow operators to monitor sheet temperature and to adjust the die heater for consistent product quality.

Extrusion Coating - Monitor molten web within the narrow and often difficult to access measurement area by using Raytek sensors including EC150 Process Imaging System.

Laminating and Embossing - Use an ES150 Process Imaging System to monitor cross-web temperatures and to help control heating adjustments.

Thermoforming - Ensure proper temperatures for laminating a multilayer product for subsequent forming. With TF150 Process Imaging System monitor the material's temperature distribution at its proper level prior to entering the thermoformer.

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