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Industry Applications - Maintenance

Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial automotive, electrical, and plant and facility monitoring processes

Infrared Temperature Measurement in Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Fixed-mounted sensors are excellent temperature sensors for checking product quality, verifying equipment performance and maintenance, and running environmental monitoring and safety checks. Overheating is often a sign of underlying problems, and when left undetected, it can result in equipment damage or even personal injury.

Regular temperature measurement should therefore be at the top of your list of things to monitor on a continuous basis. Routine temperature spot checks let you know exactly where potential or existing problems are, and allow you to quickly make in-process adjustments, or schedule repairs before shutdowns occur.

Performing Electrical and Routine Facility Maintenance

The Raytek portable infrared thermometers can help determine whether motors, boilers, bearings, electrical systems, and all types of operating equipment are functioning properly, and detects signs of developing problems. This early warning device, designed with operator safety in mind, allows temperatures to be read from a safe location and helps keep your plant operating efficiently, while preventing costly shutdowns.  Noncontact thermometers can also be used to check electrical components for heat created by loose connections or buildup, and troubleshoot problems in electrical panels, ballasts, switch gears and fuse connections.

For more information on use of IR sensors in predictive maintenance, read Detect thermal problems with online non-contact IR thermometry article on


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