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Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial glass manufacturing processes

Infrared Temperature Measurement in Glass Processing
Raytek noncontact infrared thermometers are designed for use in glass industries where monitoring and controlling temperature is critical to productivity and product quality. IR sensors are used with furnaces, bulk glass, melter, regenerator, refiner, forehearth, gob, molds, float lines, and annealing lehrs, as well as at the cooling and coating areas. Note that our product recommendations are based on the most common applications, for specific needs please contact our application engineers.

Melt Furnace
Regenerators improve fuel efficiency by heating incoming air and alternating the firing direction. To insure maximum operating efficiency, noncontact IR sensors are mounted at the top and bottom of each regenerator to trigger the air flow and firing direction at the optimum time. Monitoring the packing and refractory material for deterioration is crucial in planning the maintenance and rebuilding schedules, and eliminating emergency situations which could cause a costly, unscheduled shut down. Recommended Products: Marathon MM and Marathon FA.

Flat Glass
Temperature monitoring is critical in each stage of flat glass production. Incorrect temperatures or rapid temperature changes cause uneven expansion and contraction, resulting in improper annealing. Noncontact sensors are mounted at the tin bath and annealing lehr to insure correct glass temperature. Recommended Products: Raytek MI3, Thermalert TX and Marathon FA.

Bottles and Containers
Infrared fiber optic sensors are placed along the forehearth to monitor the proper molten glass homogenous condition at exit and control the forehearth zone temperatures. Sensors mounted over each of the annealing lehr’s temperature zones can accurately monitor and control the cooling process and cold end surface treatment. Recommended Products: GS150 Glass System and Marathon FA.

Glass Fiber
Use infrared fiber optic sensors to monitor and control forehearth zone temperatures to maintain the optimum molten glass temperature as it enters the fiberizer. Recommended Products: GS150 Glass System, Thermalert TX and Marathon FA.

What are the benefits of using Raytek IR sensors?
  • Automated process control
  • Improved Quality
  • Increased product uniformity
  • Reduced production costs and downtime
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