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Portable Thermometers

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Portable noncontact infrared thermometers have become indispensable tools for many predictive maintenance and industrial troubleshooting applications. These fast and reliable sensors are famous for their rugged, ergonomic designs and affordable prices.

 More on the Infrared Thermometer – see IR Theory brochure (PDF)
 Infrared Thermometers: Principles of Noncontact Temperature Measurement (video)

Fluke Industrial Handheld Thermometers:

Professional noncontact thermometers for industrial applications. The Fluke Infrared Thermometers, formerly the Raytek ST and Raytek MX series, are now part of the Fluke line of test and measurement equipment.
Fluke handheld infrared thermometers

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Raytek ST20 XB FLUKE-63
Raytek ST60 XB FLUKE-66
Raytek ST80 XB FLUKE-68
Raytek MX2 FLUKE-572
Raytek MX4+ FLUKE-574

Raytek Handheld Infrared Thermometers:
MiniTemp - Automotive Handheld
MiniTemp MT4 and MT6 provide great ways to solve common temperature measurement problems, and are small enough to fit in your pocket!
AutoPro ST25 - Automotive Handheld
(Available only in the US and Canada)
Rugged, fast, and convenient, this professional tool offers many valuable features for automotive technicians.
Raytek 3i Series
The 3i Noncontact Handheld Pyrometers are available in a broad variety of temperature ranges, sighting options, optical ranges, and offer spectral responses to meet the needs of specialized industrial applications.
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