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Fixed Infrared Sensors Compact Series
High performance - great value infrared thermometers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industrial applications ranging from -40 to 1800°C (-40 to 3272°F)
 Marathon Series
Superior performance temperature sensors, ratio and fiber optic, for challenging and harsh operating environments in applications ranging from -40 to 3000ºC (-40 to 5432ºF)

 Thermalert Series
Excellent performance noncontact infrared sensors for high temperature applications ranging from -18 to 2000°C
(0 to 3600°F)
Fixed Thermal Imagers Fixed Thermal Imagers
Fixed thermal imagers for moving or stationary targets in process control, as well as in Lab and R&D applications
Infrared Linescanners Infrared Linescanners
The MP150 infrared linescanner provides accurate, real-time thermal imaging for continuous sheet, web-based and discrete manufacturing processes. Raytek also offers customized Process Imaging Systems to meet specific application requirements in the following industries:
Infrared Process Imaging Systems Glass Processing
GS150/GS150LE  Glass Systems
 Plastic Processing
EC150 and ES150 Extrusion Systems  
TF150 Thermoforming System
 Rotary Kiln Monitoring
CS210 Cement System for Rotating Kiln Shells
 Wallboard Production
TIP450E/TIP900 Wallboard Profiling System
Portable Thermometers Portable Infrared Thermometers
Rugged, flexible, fast and easy to use portable IR thermometers for industrial temperature measurement applications
List of Accessories & Calibration ToolsList of Accessories & Calibration Tools
Find the right accessories for your application needs

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