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Industry Applications - Building & Construction Materials

Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial building and construction materials processes

Infrared Temperature Measurement in Building and Construction Materials Manufacturing
Raytek Infrared Imaging Systems and Fixed Thermal Imagers are used in many steps of building materials manufacturing starting with cement processing, to wallboard and pressboard manufacturing, as well as architectural glass production and tempering, where monitoring and controlling temperature is critical to productivity and product quality. Note that our product recommendations are based on the most common applications, for specific needs please contact our application engineers.  

Cement Processing - Infrared Monitoring of Kiln Shells Extends Refractory Life
Extending the life of kiln refractory and preventing disastrous failures requires a good understanding of the condition of the refractory material. The easiest way to monitor the gradual refractory degradation and to detect damaged or fallen bricks is to monitor the temperature of the kiln shell. Infrared technology provides perfect solutions to perform this task and sophisticated, user-friendly interfaces make it easy to analyze and understand the data. Designed for kiln monitoring, the CS210 Thermal Imaging System is a fully integrated solution that monitors rotary kilns to detect hot spots and avoid costly damage and unscheduled downtime. For specific needs, please contact our application engineers.

Thermal Imaging and Profiling System for Wallboard & Pressboard Applications
The Fluke® Process Instruments TIP900 Thermal Imaging System, which replaced the Raytek TIP450E System, measures wallboard moisture content, identifies board defects, and simplifies dryer process monitoring and control. The real-time board map displays a detailed image of each board set as it leaves the dryer, providing comprehensive board moisture and quality information. Also, detailed, accurate, and up-to-the-minute dryer balance profiles are displayed and archived for later review.

ThermoView™ Pi20 Thermal Imager monitors your manufacturing process and can prevent warehouse fires caused by hotspots on pressboard sheets stored prior to cooling.

Construction Glass Manufacturing and Tempering
The GS150 Thermal Imaging System is an automated temperature measurement system for glass bending, forming, annealing, and tempering processes. The newest addition to GS100, is the GS150LE System for Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass with automatic emissivity correction, designed to monitor manufacturing of one-side coated construction flat glass.

What are the benefits of using Raytek IR sensors?
  • Reliable QA
  • Improved process control
  • Increased product uniformity
  • Higher product quality
  • Optimize data, maintenance schedules and production time
  • IR thermometers safely read hard-to-reach or inaccessible objects
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